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About Respectful Clothing

A vision drives Respectful Clothing, and sustainability is at the forefront of what we do.


Founder Craig Hamilton, teacher and sustainable fashion advocate has long dreamed of creating a UK ethical clothing brand to educate, inspire and help others.


As a teacher of a large  primary school , Craig taught lessons about recycling, reusing and reducing. But while the school did its best to recycle paper, food and plastic, he couldn’t help but realise that the children’s school uniforms were mainly made of plastics, including polyester, nylon and acrylics.

“I got the idea for Respectful Clothing through discussions with the children at school, when they started asking who made their clothes. Talking to friends, it became apparent that they didn’t know where their clothes came from, beyond the brands and the shops they bought them from. It’s important that people understand what clothing is – from grassroots to manufacture and that the entire production process is clear and visible.”


Our sustainable fashion pledge:


Respectful Clothing works in partnership with manufacturers to make high-quality, ethical clothing, responsibly and sustainably. Our suppliers source the finest raw materials produced to respect people, animals and the environment. Our organic cotton t-shirts are made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton from India and other sustainable materials; where manufactured materials are used, they are always recycled.

At Respectful Clothing, we believe that everybody has a right to a safe, healthy working environment, fair and reasonable working hours and a living wage, working free of discrimination and harassment in a job that is freely chosen. We guarantee that our products have been manufactured without the use of child or forced labour in safe and healthy working conditions, employees who have legal labour contracts and freedom of association and who are paid a living wage for fair and reasonable working hours.

We believe that sustainable fashion is about meeting today’s needs to ensure we also meet future needs. Sustainable fashion benefits everybody involved, from the farmers growing the organic cotton to consumers wearing our ethical clothing right through to the recycling factories' employees.

We want to help people understand where their clothing comes from and how it’s made to help our customers buy products that respect and empower everyone, from the people who plant the seeds to the finished garment makers and suppliers. 

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